About Us



Checkpoint Challenge is developing an entertaining on-line competition that you can play on-the-go with your smart phone or tablet, on your desktop computer and which will ultimately will be available on your Smart TV.

Not only will you be entertained, having the opportunity to engage in your favorite sport in comfort and at your own convenience, you will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.  By prizes we mean money the size of which you could easily pay off your home, or buy a new home, pay off your student loans, or afford college.

Maybe your dreams don’t extend to going to living mortgage free, or loan free, or going to college or university.  Maybe you’d be happy just having a free night or two at a hotel, or an airline ticket to a concert across the country ?  Well, that’s possible too.

Everyone wins with Checkpoint Challenge !

In the days ahead we will be providing you an opportunity to pre-register, free, of course.  So come back soon and complete our registration form and get ready to engage in the most entertaining, enriching experience on the Internet.